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Dynamic Duos 040 | Leon Boykins - Mood Indigo

Dynamic Duos 040 | Leon Boykins - Mood Indigo

Today's video spent a little time locked in the vault, but it's time to share! This is one of my absolute favorite Duke Ellington compositions, and always included when I share jazz with young people! Here's Duke's "Mood Indigo" featuring the fine bass stylings of the one and only Mr Leon Boykins!

Have a great week - cya back here same time next week! 

If I Love Again Jazz Duet Ft. Leon Boykins!

Here is a favorite standard, performed by Leon Boykins and myself! One of the most popular versions of the tune is probably from Clifford Brown / Max Roach (check out that version of the tune here…) but I think that MY favorite version might be by the legendary Steve Davis!