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Just Passed the Horizon - Nick Finzer & Chris Ziemba Live in Memphis!

Originally presented on my album "The Chase" released in 2015, "Just Passed the Horizon" is the closing theme of the record. For me, the tune is a reminder to keep looking ahead, and try to journey closer to the projects and goals that are just beyond reach. The inspiration for the tune came after playing a series of concerts with a very inspiring mentor, and pondering what was to come as I looked out the airplane window on the way back to New York.


I've presented this tune in a number of settings from the original sextet version with my band (trombone, tenor saxophone, guitar, piano, bass, drums) scaled all the way up for big band, and now all the way back down to a duo setting.


We recorded this as part of our August 2016 digital release - "Live in Memphis" on Outside in Music ( - from a live in studio concert at Young Avenue Sound in Memphis, Tennessee. 


We hope you enjoy! Please leave us your thoughts in the comments section, and share with your communities!


See you next time -