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Can you play your Major Scales Vertically? | TromboneTips 013

Can you play your Major Scales Vertically? | TromboneTips 013

Today, we are exploring how to play your Major Scales in a vertical fashion. So what does that mean? Watch the video to find out! :) - Did I mention this was recorded on tour while performing at the Winnipeg Jazz Festival? Fun times!

Are you bored of your "regular" major scales? this exercise will allow you to find more things to practice based on the tried and true major scale!

Happy practicing, and we'll see you back here, next week!


Rightside Up (Blues for S.T.) - Featuring Joe McDonough

Rightside Up (Blues for S.T.) - Featuring Joe McDonough

Want to grab a PDF copy for yourself? 

#Dynamic Duos Ep. ft. JJ Johnson's Judy w/ Joe McDonough Ep. 31

#Dynamic Duos Ep. ft. JJ Johnson's Judy w/ Joe McDonough Ep. 31

This week’s video revisits one of my first video posts here on youtube, where I recorded a short version of JJ Johnson’s great composition “Judy

Here however, I’m featuring one of my great friends and fellow trombonists: Joe McDonough! Joe and I were pursuing our Masters degrees at Juilliard at the same time, and both studying with the great Steve Turre. 

For a while, we had a co-led two trombone quintet that celebrated the two trombone tradition started by JJ Johnson and Kai Winding. We recorded a few tracks back in 2013, and I think we just might release some of those very soon… stay tuned!  

How to Practice Jazz, How to practice hard chord changes!

How to Practice Jazz, How to practice hard chord changes!

In this week's video, we're talking about how to practice jazz. My approach is to break it down, just like you would when you're practicing any other musical skill.  

Slow it down, speed it up gradually. Break the music into small/digestible chunks and slowly combine them back together.    

Here I use my tune "Race to the Bottom" to illustrate just how I might practice something hard like this....  

Good luck - and Let me know what you're practicing these days! 

Dynamic Duos Episode 29 ft. Jordan Pettay!


Dynamic Duos Episode 29 ft. Jordan Pettay!

Today I’m featuring the wonderful Alto Saxophonist Jordan Pettay! Jordan and I were classmates at Juilliard, and she’s played on a few of my gigs here and there over the years. When we got together to record this duet, I remembered that I first learned this tune to perform at a Juilliard Jazz camp we taught at together out in Ephraim, UT at Snow College! 


Single is Here! "We, the People"

Happy New Year! Enjoy! 

Like what you heard? Leave a comment, and grab the download:

Today's the day, the release of my latest single "We, the People" 
This song is an embodiment of the spirit of The People. When we stand together, we're stronger than when we're alone. It's about believing in something. Standing for something.

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Download this track:
from the February 2017 album "Hear & Now" featuring:
Lucas Pino -
Alex Wintz -
Glenn Zaleski -
Dave Baron -
Jimmy Macbride -

Blue Bossa featuring Alex Wintz

One of the records that was truly formative for me in my college years was a fantastic duo album between JJ Johnson and Joe Pass titled “We’ll Be Together Again.” I had it as a CD reissue, which was stolen from my car while I was a student at Eastman, up in Rochester, and it’s not easy to find anymore! If you haven’t heard the album you can find it here. 


It’s an amazingly intimate session that really shows the virtuosity of both of these musicians. One of the first solos I transcribed off this record was on this Kenny Dorham tune “Blue Bossa.” On the recording from “We’ll Be Together Again” JJ plays with a harmon mute, so I decided to pay homage to JJ here with this arrangement adapted from his!


Big thanks to my good friend and amazing musician Alex Wintz for getting together to play a few tunes with me for all of you! Check out that intro he copped straight from Mr. Pass! This was a fun session, indeed!


Hope you enjoy, see you next week!  

Major Key Arpeggio Workout for any Jazz Player!

This week I’m sharing a little exercise that I put together to practice all of the triads in a major key. Originally I wanted to find a way to play the “omnibus progression” on the trombone, but got distracted in the process and ended up with this major key exercise!  If you’re not familiar, you can check out the omnibus progression here, it’s pretty cool, if you’re into harmony 😃!


A few pointers: Go slow, and focus on accuracy over speed! Speed will come, but accuracy is more important. If you can’t play something clean, it will only get less and less intelligible as we speed it up! 


Next to the video you’ll find a link to a PDF of the exercise, or you can transcribe it yourself!


Feel free to be in touch with any comments or questions! I’d love to hear some of your versions! Post it online and tag me so I can see/hear 😃


See you all next time -