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Lullaby for an Old Friend | Hear & Now Live in Studio Ep. 8

Lullaby for an Old Friend | Hear & Now Live in Studio Ep. 8

This week's Wednesday Watch is a throwback to the recording session for the new album "Hear & Now" ! 

I wrote this piece for an old friend of mine who passed away too soon. It's not just about him passing away, but it's a celebration of life. It's a journey through the melancholy, the bittersweet, but ultimately the joy of having great friends.

Please enjoy, and share "Lullaby for an Old Friend" 

Ft. Lucas Pino, Glenn Zaleski, Jimmy Macbride, Dave Baron, Alex Wintz

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See ya next week - Nick

Single is Here! "We, the People"

Happy New Year! Enjoy! 

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Today's the day, the release of my latest single "We, the People" 
This song is an embodiment of the spirit of The People. When we stand together, we're stronger than when we're alone. It's about believing in something. Standing for something.

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Download this track:
from the February 2017 album "Hear & Now" featuring:
Lucas Pino -
Alex Wintz -
Glenn Zaleski -
Dave Baron -
Jimmy Macbride -