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Outside in Music Presents: "Live in New York" featuring Nick Finzer and Chris Ziemba - How About You

Outside in Music Presents: "Live in New York" featuring Nick Finzer and Chris Ziemba - How About You

Outside in Music Presents - Nick Finzer and Chris Ziemba live in New York! Recorded live at Bunker Studios in Brooklyn in NY. 

We're playing one of our favorite tunes, "How About You" by Burton Lane.

This is the first track off our new duo album "Live in NY" to be released this fall, 2017!

Hope you enjoy this week's episode of Dynamic Duos! 

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I post weekly videos here on YouTube that feature my original projects! Sometimes it’s a band video, a solo trombone piece, educational tips about jazz and playing trombone, they come out each Wednesday! If you don’t know me, I’m a jazz trombone player, educator, and producer based in New York City. I’ve had some great teachers like Wycliffe Gordon and Steve Turre, and studied at both the Eastman School of Music and the Juilliard School.  I’m always up to something new so make sure to stay connected if you want to see what’s happening in the jazz world here in NYC!

Chris Ziemba plays "Escher's Loop" Live in Memphis

And now for something a little different! This week I wanted to feature my great friend and long time colleague Chris Ziemba. As well as being a fantastic pianist Chris is a thoughtful and imaginative composer! Here he is presenting a solo piano version of a tune he and I have played together many times in other settings, inspired by the work of artist MC Escher - "Escher's Loop"
We recorded this as part of our August 2016 digital release - "Live in Memphis" on Outside in Music ( - from a live in studio concert at Young Avenue Sound in Memphis, Tennessee. 
We hope you enjoy! Please leave us your thoughts in the comments section, and share with your communities!
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First Preview! "Conception" Live in Memphis! featuring Nick Finzer and Chris Ziemba

Following up on the heels of the preview video of "Stella by Starlight" is the first track off of the upcoming Digital-Only Release: "Nick Finzer & Chris Ziemba: Live in Memphis"!

Chris and I were amidst a run of concerts and educational workshops around the Southern US back in March of 2016, and set our sights on recording our duos. Chris and I have been playing together since our high school days in the "Eastman Youth Jazz Orchestra" until now! We've done a lot of playing together, and I think that the interplay that we've developed provides for some interesting versions of the tunes on this album. 

We stopped in Memphis, Tennessee on our way from Birmingham, Alabama to Little Rock, Arkansas to record at a great local studio: Young Avenue Sound. We had a nice studio audience that afternoon, and of course Chris and I made it a point to enjoy some Memphis BBQ right after! 

This composition is by the pianist George Shearing and has been recorded by many in the history of jazz including Miles Davis. Here's our take on "Conception"!

Let us know what you think in the YouTube comments, and be sure to pay Chris a visit on his Facebook page. 

"Live in Memphis" will be available on Outside in Music ( on August 19th. Preorder info coming soon!