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#Dynamic Duos Ep. ft. JJ Johnson's Judy w/ Joe McDonough Ep. 31

#Dynamic Duos Ep. ft. JJ Johnson's Judy w/ Joe McDonough Ep. 31

This week’s video revisits one of my first video posts here on youtube, where I recorded a short version of JJ Johnson’s great composition “Judy

Here however, I’m featuring one of my great friends and fellow trombonists: Joe McDonough! Joe and I were pursuing our Masters degrees at Juilliard at the same time, and both studying with the great Steve Turre. 

For a while, we had a co-led two trombone quintet that celebrated the two trombone tradition started by JJ Johnson and Kai Winding. We recorded a few tracks back in 2013, and I think we just might release some of those very soon… stay tuned!  

Solo Jazz Trombone Videos - Started this week!

Greetings All!

I wanted to take a chance to share with everyone, my latest project! I've started a YouTube video series that will feature some solo trombone arrangements of some of my favorite tunes from jazz composers.

The first one features a composition by the great JJ Johnson, his tune




 was originally recorded by JJ along with Kai Winding on "The Great Kai and JJ" released on Impulse! in 1961.

The arrangement is pretty simple - and opening melodic statement followed by a few improvised choruses and the melody restated. Hope you enjoy! Please do leave feedback in the comments section of the YouTube video, and subscribe to the channel to see the next video!

See ya next time! Happy Superbowl Sunday!

- Nick