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Consulting Session


Consulting Session

Consulting Sessions

If you're feeling a little bit stuck with your career as a musician, or just need some advice on what might be a few next steps, or just want an audit of what you've been up to from the outside; you might want to invest in a few sessions for us to chat!

These sessions can be one off, or bought in a package. We should always plan to first start with an on-boarding session, and then you can purchase ala carte sessions, or a consulting sessions package.

So what will we talk about?

  • Your online presence

  • personal goals

  • professional goals

  • ideas of how to execute your projects

  • goal setting

  • developing new projects that will help you to establish or move forward your career.

The Packages!

Single Session - A single session to chat (45 Mins) and for Nick to answer any specific questions you might have. (Additional single sessions can be purchased after this one for follow up)

Basic Package - Looking for some actionable steps to revamp your online presence? Or figure out the next steps? This package happens in three parts. A get to know you call (30 mins), I will assess your online strategies and send you a video or voice memo with some suggestions, and then we'll follow up with a second call to answer any questions.

Bronze Package - an initial get to know you session, where we'll set goals and make plans for you to get on track with your career path, as well as a quick online audit of your social channels and website. Includes one follow up session within 60 days to reassess, and make any additional tweaks/suggestions!

Silver Package - the above, plus defining your audiences, and creating a content strategy to activate all of those audiences. In depth content strategy for all of your online/offline project. Includes initial session, full web audit, plus 3 follow up/continuations to facilitate your growing brand.

Gold Package - all of the above plus developing pillar content strategies, and helping you to execute and distribute your work! The best package for those already in motion who need some help getting over the hump! Includes the getting to know you session, the full web audit, content and audience development, plus five 45 minute check in calls.

Platinum Package - (absolute best value!) All of the above plus MONTHLY checkins and unlimited text access. Feel free to text me anytime for advice, help making decisions, etc. This is a 12 month plan, the initial session plus one 45 minute call per month. 


International Trombone Festival 2019!

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Shape of the Week! Learn and MASTER Jazz Chord Symbols One Shape at a time!

Shape of the Week! Learn and MASTER Jazz Chord Symbols One Shape at a time!

Hey all! Glad you could check out the latest shapes of the week, I’ll be posting them all here as a repository for all the different shapes :)!

Have a great time shedding these, and feel free to stay in touch with questions, happy practicing!





C Half Diminished 7


C Diminished 7

it is time to think of PRIORITIZATION! | Create Connect Repeat

Today I want to talk a little bit about how I think about prioritization. Not only projects, but personally. Like when you get overwhelmed and you're doing a million different things, and you have a million expectations on you. What can we do to try to mitigate some of that and how can we figure out how to make the best out of a situation where we're feeling this stress and sense of being overwhelmed?

Maybe you're not even to the point where you're overwhelmed yet, but you just have so many things going on and you're not sure where to put your attention. This happens to me pretty frequently…

Something that I've been trying to do recently (that I am borrowing from a lot of other people that have talked about this) is trying to think about which of all the things/ all the projects/all the places where your energy is being put - if you focus on one of them, will allow you to knock down the rest of them? And by "knock down the rest of them," I mean, which one will affect the rest in a positive way? Which one will allow you to take the next steps the fastest?

For example, if you are an instrumentalist and you're working on your own music… you're working on music for other people….and you're trying to organize a whole bunch of different projects… the thing is, if you don't take care of your business (meaning yourself!), if you don't take care of your instrument, you don't take care of the basics, the fundamentals, getting better all the time, it's not going to matter, because if you don't take care of what the number one thing is (YOU) you’re going to fall behind. Whatever your major is, whatever your most important thing is - if it's your company, your business, your band, your ensemble, your chamber group, if you don't take care of that one thing, the thing you care about the most, all the rest of the stuff is going to fall away.

I'm not saying to abandon everything else, but to prioritize the things that matter to you. To prioritize the things that are going to allow you to get all the things done, by focusing your energy.

If I take care of what I need to take care of in a day to feel good, to feel like I crossed everything off my list, or at least to feel good about the things that I did (practice, take care of business at home, etc), it sets me up to be able to work on all of the external things that pop up. Taking care of yourself and thinking about yourself first can be a challenge, because a lot of people I know think about all the external expectations and get caught in a constant cycle of not be able to take care of themselves, but it really is so important. If you don’t, it leads to not being able to get done things for other people, which makes you feel even more stressed, and still not take care of the things that they need to take care of for themselves! It proliferates this downward spiral, if you will. And we don't want anyone to get there! We want everyone to break the pattern, and start to focus on what they want out of their situation.

Whatever your situation is, whatever you're working on, think about prioritizing the tasks that get you the furthest (i.e.80% of the way there) the fastest. Whatever the things are you need to do for yourself that are going to allow you to take care of everything (and everyone) else.

For me, those things are right now, working out; making sure to practice my instrument (that being the trombone); and writing music every day. If I don't take care of the basics on those fronts, there's no chance for me to be energetic enough to get all of the other projects I'm doing, all of the nonprofit stuff, all the Outside in Music stuff, all the teaching stuff that I do. There's no way, if I don't take care of myself, for me to do all that.

So, I encourage you, in this very hectic time of year, to start to think about how you're going to take care of yourself, and how you can balance everything, by prioritizing your projects.

Thanks for being here. Have an amazing Holiday Season!

- Nick Finzer

Cyber Monday 2018!

University of North Texas Jazz Trombone Studio Merch Now Available!

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Shape of the Week - Cm6

Have you seen the new series up on my YouTube Channel? If not you need to…

Pedal Tone Major Scale Workout | Nick Finzer Trombone Tips | #WednesdayWatch

Hey guys! Today's video is talking about a way to increase your ability to access the pedal register of the trombone - enjoy! :)

New Year, New Goals! Nick Finzer's Goal Setting Course 2018!

Nick Finzer leads us through a comprehensive approach to brainstorming, setting, and creating action plans to complete your goals!

If You Fail to Plan, You Plan to Fail

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Cyber Monday is Here!

Happy Holiday Season All!

To kick it off, I'm offering a new holiday educational bundle for 2017!

This year's bundle includes:

  • A Coupon Code to Redeem 1 Lifetime Access Copy to "Get Ahead" a Practical Course for the Developing Jazz Trombonist ($133 Value)
  • Physical Copy of a Practice Journal ($15 Value)
  • Signed Copy of "Hear & Now" ($20 Value)
  • One Skype Lesson (Giftable to the same person who registers the Get Ahead Course!) ($100 Value)
  • Some other free goodies ;)

$268 of Value for just $140!

(additional domestic or international shipping rates apply)

Digging in to Bb Major 7 on Trombone | Trombone Tips 014

Digging in to Bb Major 7 on Trombone | Trombone Tips 014

Today we're talking about playing chords on trombone. Have you ever tried to really dig in to chords/arpeggios on trombone? They are ESSENTIAL for understanding jazz theory, and having a comfort level with them is essential for being fluent in your soloing!

Roxy Coss - Confirmation | DynamicDuos 039

Roxy Coss - Confirmation | DynamicDuos 039

Today we are featuring the great tenor saxophone stylings (and one of my good frends here in NYC!) Roxy Coss! We're playing a classic Charlie Parker composition, Confirmation. This was our attempt to create something from nothing, and end up at Confirmation :) 

If you haven't already, make sure to check out Roxy's new album Chasing the Unicorn, from Positone Records!

and check out Roxy online:

Hope you enjoy! See you next week!

Can you play your Major Scales Vertically? | TromboneTips 013

Can you play your Major Scales Vertically? | TromboneTips 013

Today, we are exploring how to play your Major Scales in a vertical fashion. So what does that mean? Watch the video to find out! :) - Did I mention this was recorded on tour while performing at the Winnipeg Jazz Festival? Fun times!

Are you bored of your "regular" major scales? this exercise will allow you to find more things to practice based on the tried and true major scale!

Happy practicing, and we'll see you back here, next week!


6 mistakes people make when taking online music courses - YouTube

Common Mistakes when Taking an Online Music Course


1 - trying to go too fast

It's tempting to blow through the material trying to gather it all into one day, and be done! But no! That is certainly not the best way to absorb information. It's about consistency over time. Take your time and work through the course material in the sequence intended by the instructor.


2 - thinking once through is enough

There's no way you will get ALL of the value from a course by just going through it once. Again, it's consistency over TIME. Meaning, it's going to take several iterations and weeks of time to really absorb all of the information. Take advantage of the fact that you've invested in yourself, and go through the course to find the few nuggets that you may have missed the first time around.


3 - not actually doing the assignments as instructed by the course

So, yea, guilty right here! Sometimes you think, oh yea, I know that - skip ahead to the next thing! But it is ALWAYS good to hear an old concept explained in a new way. It will either reinforce what you already do indeed know, or it will connect in a new way and create a deeper and more nuanced understanding of the topic. Really, you should do all the assignments, I mean, really! 😃 They're in there to help you grow to you fullest potential!


4 - Not taking advantage of the fact that the instructor does indeed want to hear from you! 

Not every course does this, but my course "Get Ahead", even includes 5 video coaching sessions to help you get better super fast! And regardless, EVERYONE loves to hear from their students. We want to know how it's going, we want to know how we can help, we want to know if something was confusing or unclear! Chances are if you have a question about something, you aren't the only one! There are probably others thinking the same thing.... So PLEASE take a moment and reach out to the instructors of your course. Not only will you start a great relationship with them, but you'll get your questions answered and help out others in the community 😃



5 - Not learning how to practice

This is a big problem that I've encountered. Sometimes we don't exactly realize how  practice. We might know what we need to know, but it is in the execution phase where things go wrong. You can check out the chapter in "Get Ahead" about practicing, and working with a practice journal to get some more concrete ideas about what has worked for me in the past. But the general ideas is this: you need a system. Just like any skill you must break it down into it's component parts, and build it back up again. If you haven't learned how to practice - it doesn't matter what you're practicing - you won't get the true value from it! So get to it! 


6 - Not being open minded / thinking you've already done this thing and skipping ahead.

Maybe this course was required for you by an instructor, or suggested by a friend, or maybe you're just curious. I think some of my biggest breakthroughs have come from situations where I had to consciously decide to be open minded to what a certain musician might have to say. And again, I'm guilty of assuming I know something, or can do something (and you know what they say about assuming...) and trying to skip ahead to get done as fast as possible! But music is not a game of speed. Improving in music is about consistency over time, it's not a sprint - it's a marathon! So take your time, and go through diligently as if you spent WAY more money than you did on the course. If you were spending $40,000 on a degree you'd probably be paying attention, so why not apply that on a micro scale?


The launch period for my new course "Get Ahead" is almost closed - if you want to take advantage of some of these great bonuses I hope you'll jump on board before it's too late! 


- 5 video feedback sessions (a $100 value)

- Premium Pricing (save $30 off the normal price)

- The first 10 people to sign up will receive a hard copy of the practice journal in the mail!


Preview some of the course material here.


Hope to see you soon!




6 reasons you should be taking online courses! Vlog S.2 Ep. 2

6 Reasons you should be learning Music with Online Courses


Across so many industries online learning has taken hold in a real way, and is proving to be a highly effective tool! After taking several online courses myself, I was thinking about several ways that musicians could take advantage of these online learning opportunities! 


1 - Learn at your own pace

You can take your time through each lesson, making sure you get the point of each session. Repeat things at will, pause and interact with the video sessions, and have the time you need to process the information being presented. There are no time constraints! 


2 - it's like having a private instructor all the time!

These sessions allow you to visit a private instructor any time you like, getting inside information directly from folks who are making their lives in music!


3 - As an aspiring professional it's important to learn from as many teachers as possible. 

I think it's really important to learn from a wide variety of teachers. Everyone has their own way of thinking about things, and a unique way of explaining things as well. Sometime what you need is to hear the same information presented to you in a different way - I know that has been so helpful to me throughout my career! With an online course you can get those opinions without having to track down the teacher in person!


4 - It's a great value.

It would cost so much more to get all these lessons from a week to week teacher! If an hour lesson from a top professional is usually $100, a $99 course for five hours of video content is a STEAL! Not to mention that you can repeat those lessons time and time again, and the supplemental materials that come along with the course. 


5 - Lifetime Access

You know how you always wished you had an archive of all the lessons you took with your private instructor? Here's a great way to have the ability to check back in at any point, and see if you want to revisit any of the material you worked on before. And even more amazing - if the instructor decides that they want to add more content to the course? Bam! More lessons for you! The sooner you sign up the bigger the life long value you'll be getting from the course. 


6 - Location Independence

The hardest thing about getting lessons with musicians is scheduling. Do you have to travel to them? Are they on the road? It can be a real task trying to just line up a mutually workable time. Not to mention what If you live half way across the world from that teacher? With online courses you can be anywhere in the world and learn from the best in the business, whenever you want. 


In the case of my course "Get Ahead" it even comes with 5 complimentary video coaching sessions to get direct feedback about your playing! This is only available during the course launch period which is open now until June 19th, so make sure that you get on board to make summer 2017 your most effective yet! 


Can't wait to hear what you all are up to - 👍