We're just TWO weeks away from the start of my "No Arrival" tour and we're getting ready to hit the road! This video will let you know exactly where and when:

Here's the rundown:
4.17 CU Boulder College of Music
4.18 Nocturne
4.20 North Coast Brewing Company (Sequoia Jazz Room) 
4.21 The Sound Room Oakland,CA
4.22 blue whale Los Angeles
4.27 The Nash - Phoenix, Arizona 
4.28 Avant Groove Salt Lake City
5.6 Twins Jazz Washington DC
5.10 B Sharps Jazz Tallahassee, FL
5.11 The Velvet Note - Alpharetta, GA
5.12 Nashville Jazz Workshop - Nashville, TN
5.13 Timucua Arts Foundation - Orlando FL
5.23 SubCulture - New York City
5.31 BOP STOP at The Music Settlement - Cleveland, OH
6.1 BLU Jazz+ - Akron, OH
6.2 Cliff Bell's - Detroit
6.3 Kalamazoo Piano Company - Kalamazoo, MI
6.4 Jazz Showcase - Chicago, IL
8.25 Northwest Jazz Festival, Lewiston, NY
8.26 Bop Shop Records Rochester, NY

Where will we SEE YOU?