Hey guys - today I'm chatting a bit about some questions about the course - Get Ahead! A Practical Course for the Developing Jazz Trombonist.

Can I really learn jazz online?

How can we interact?

Don't you have to be in person to really learn anything?

I've never really heard of anyone doing this before...

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So - maybe you're thinking you're interested in the course, but kind of on the fence... well, I wanted to take a chance to answer some questions about it so we can get started before it's too late!


1 - It's not in real time / no interaction

I think that this is an ADVANTAGE - since it's not in real time, you as the student can have time to process, to think, to absorb and then move on to the next lesson on your own timeframe. And there is TOTALLY going to be interaction! You get 5 coaching sessions included with the course. You'll send me a video of your questions, and of you playing some of the course materials, and I'll get back to you with some video feedback of me talking and playing directly answering and responding! It's totally flexible to both of our schedules, and allows us to really make the most of your time working on the material in this course, and take advantage of the technology that's available to us here in 2017!



2 - It's kind of expensive / what's the return on this investment?

The return is going to be directly correlated with the effort that you put into the course. If you dive in headfirst and go for it - you'll get a LOT of long lasting returns. Music is a marathon not a sprint. This course is jam packed with value! Yes, $99 might seem like a lot to throw down on a non-tangible online course, but check it out, you're going to get:


5 Coaching sessions ($100 in Value)

Digital copy of Get Ahead ($12 in Value)

Digital Copy of the Practice Journal ($10 in Value)

4.5 hours of video content ($450 in value for that amount of time in person)


And with those things alone you'll be getting $550 worth of value for only $99.



3 - Can you really learn music from an online course?

YES! Can you learn to play jazz from listening to recordings? Do you need to TALK to John Coltrane or Miles Davis to learn about their music? I think you know the answer to that. Music is about sharing ideas, and exchanging thoughts, sharing our opinions. This course is just that, I'm sharing my approach to playing jazz on the trombone, and it just happens to be packaged all together here - very conveniently I might add! You could scour the internet for free stuff about jazz and trombone, but I think the time saved by investing in a trusted source (whether it's this course, or another) is well worth it! There are hundreds of thousands of people from all over the world using online courses to learn new skills, and better their passions. The music industry is just lagging behind a bit...



4 - I've never heard of anyone really doing this before...

Well, sure. Online courses in music and jazz are certainly more on the new side. But that doesn't mean it's not an effective learning tool! There is seven chapters worth of exercises that workout not only your trombone skills, but get you thinking about what it means to play music in the 21st century. There are countless courses out there that will teach you any number of skills, and playing music is no different. I promise you'll get well over the cover price of this course in value when you sign up




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