As you might know, the tune "Single Petal of a Rose" is featured on my latest recording "Hear & Now" and features an arrangement that I'm quite proud of featuring 3 trombones and two bass clarinets plus rhythm section. However, bringing a band like that to every gig would be quite a feat! So back in the fall when I was preparing for this Winter's "Hear & Now" album release tour, I put together this solo arrangement of Single Petal of a Rose that I could play at concerts along the way! The arrangement has taken on a bit more life since it's initial conception when I recorded this back in November 2016, but I hope you'll enjoy hearing this alternate version! 


If you're not familiar, Single Petal of a Rose appears in Duke Ellington's "Queen's Suite" - originally written for the Queen of England. It is a solo piano piece of Duke's, but there are also a few great versions of Joe Temperly playing it on Bass Clarinet (this is what really inspired me to think about recording this tune).