Since I met this bassist back at Juilliard in 2010, I’ve been a huge fan of his playing and his musicianship! Clovis Nicolas is a fantastic bassist and musician, and has an encyclopedic knowledge of tunes! Not to mention he always swings his butt off! It’s always pleasure to get to play with Clovis!

Here we’re playing a really great Bud Powell composition (which are always a great challenge for us trombonists…) but this one is particular favorite of mine - “Bouncin’ with Bud” 

Check out the slick way that Clovis ends his solo and gets smoothly back into the melody - so good!

In the video I’m using a great Walnut Cup Mute from Facet Mutes! Check them out here:

Please enjoy and share “Bouncing’ with Bud”

Check out what Clovis is up to here:

See you next week -