Welcome to a new series of videos on the blog! over the next few months, I’ll be mixing up the weekly performance videos with a few videos focusing on playing jazz trombone - or really anything on trombone. 


Since many students are back to school (or soon to be) I thought we’d start talking about being efficient and affective with the time that you do have to practice on your instrument. For me, that means a focus on the basics and combining exercises together to make the best use of your time. 


In this episode we hit on two exercises that will get you thinking outside the “normal” exercises we use to practice things like long tones and flexibility. Mix it up! Keep yourself interested, and most of all have fun making music!


Underneath the video you’ll find a direct link to a few sample pages from “Get Ahead: A Practical Guide for the Developing Jazz Trombonist” as well as the full digital/physical versions of the book. Also you’ll find the Sample Practice Journal page!


Hope you enjoy, and let me know how you enjoy these exercises! See you next time -