On this hot summer day, one of my great friends and fantastic bassist - Dave Baron - graciously agreed to play a few duets with me! Dave and I have been sharing the bandstand since our time at the Eastman School of Music, and we both studied at The Juilliard School during the same time. And of course, Dave has played on all of my  albums so far, and numerous other projects… You can check Dave out at www.davebaronmusic.com! He also has a fantastic album that came out in October 2015, “Introducing Dave Baron”.


I originally arranged this Thad Jones tune: “Three and One” for my quartet after being inspired by Steve Davis’ incredible duo version from his recording “Systems Blue”. Not to mention the original Thad chart! 


I adapted a new intro from a chart I did for my jazz trombone ensemble down at Florida State University, after being inspired by yet another fantastic trombone version of this recording by Michael Dease on his album Decisions!


It’s a fun tune to play, and I also decided to take a spin with the great Facet Mutes cup mute (that you can’t see! Someone accidentally took a step to his left when he wasn’t supposed to…) 


I hope you enjoy, and please share!


- Nick