The title track from Chris Ziemba's debut album "Manhattan Lullaby" (available on Outside in Music - is one of my favorite of Chris' compositions. When I first heard him perform the tune, I was mesmerized. Chris has such a unique voice in the way he interprets the jazz tradition. From Eubie Blake and James P Johnson to Keith Jarrett and beyond, Chris has all of that history inside of him. 

This tune is inspired by the duality of life in a fast paced, complicated city, like New York. It's about finding your personal tranquility in a sea of humanity. Being in an uncomfortable place to allow yourself to be pushed and inspired by the energy and passion of the people around you. I think that's why we love New York. There nowhere that has the same energetic, inspirational, aspirational buzz. 

Please enjoy, and share, Manhattan Lullaby

"Nick Finzet & Chris Ziemba: Live in Memphis" will be available on Outside in Music ( on August 19th.