As the summer arrives, I’d like to open up some time in my schedule to facilitate some sessions via Skype or Google Hangouts! The last few years have been a bit crazy, and I haven’t had time to connect much with people who were interested. But - now’s the time! I really looking forward to connecting with some of you for the first time, and reconnecting with the rest! 

To set up your first session you can go here and and find a time that should work for us both (I’ll confirm it with you). 

I find that 45 minutes is an ideal amount of time for a Skype session. Much less and it feels abbreviated, much more and the productivity of the session starts to falter. The best sessions come when you’ve prepared materials for the session and also a list of questions/concerns that have come up during the time time since the last session. Meeting every week is certainly not required. We will set material to work on and you’re free to set a schedule that will accommodate your work habits and goals. 

If you’re on the fence about working tother, or you are new to online lessons/coaching sessions, feel free to set up a 15 minute orientation session to get started!

Before our first session:

Trombonists - prepare an etude of your choice along with a tune you can play both the melody of, and a few choruses of improvisation. This will give us a good barometer of where we’re at, and how best to move forward. 

Composers - please send me a link to a recording of one of your pieces along with an up to date PDF of the score, and also plan to have access to a piano or keyboard during our session so we can work through some additional ideas. 

Let’s chat about your goals, make plan for your future studies (college, grad school, and beyond!), transitioning in the “real world” of just get some help planning to achieve your projects and dreams! 

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