The first thing I should say about this week’s tune, is that the title is under a little bit of scrutiny, as it appears on two different albums, under two different names. So, “Chop Suey” could actually be titled “Last Minute Blues.” It appears on a French record “The Fabulous Slide Hampton Quartet  as “Last Minute Blues but, on his “Mellow-dy” album the tune appears as “ Chop Suey.” Perhaps a typing error by the label? Maybe Mr. Hampton can lend us some insight here. 


Regardless, it’s a fun blues to play on trombone (I mean, it lays on the horn like butter!) and Or Bareket and I decided to do a quick version of what I’ll call “The Last Minute Chop Suey Blues.” I think it features Or’s amazing abilities on the bass! You can check out all the videos Or and I have made together here. 


If you haven’t heard these two Slide Hampton Albums...

The Fabulous Slide Hampton Quartet




… You’re surely missing out! Some great documentation of Slide stretching out in his prime.


Until next time -