I got together with one of my longest standing musical allies recently to record something special for the month of December. Chris Ziemba is an amazing pianist and composer here in NYC, and it's always a true pleasure to make music with Chris.

I'm usually not much for "holiday themed" music, but the spirit of today's tune usually drums up a spirit of nostalgia, and I couldn't resist.

A holiday gem, "The Christmas Song" - this time hopefully not quite like you've heard it before! I love playing ballads with the pixie & plunger mute combination. It's definitely a whole different realm of trombone playing. Some of my favorites doing this type of thing - "tricky Sam" Nanton, Lawrence Brown, Wycliffe Gordon and Steve Turre!

A huge thank you to my great friend and longtime musical compatriot - Chris Ziemba.

Check out what Chris is up to: 

Chris' latest album - "Manhattan Lullaby"

Our Duo album from Summer 2016 - "Live in Memphis"

Happy Holidays All! I hope it's a great one.

See ya back here next week -

Happy Holidays!

- nick