Happy Monday All! 

I’m glad to say, that I’ve finally gotten a new stock of Practice Journals to share with all of you! I’ve gotten a number of requests over the last few months while it’s been out of stock. And in that time I was able to make a few improvements to the experience!

The 2.0 Version is a little more condensed, so that you can feel like you’re making more progress, more quickly! Not to mention, it is WAY easier to carry around this way. I got more than one comment about the size/weight of the last version… Here's the 2.0 announcement: 

And the other cool thing, is I’ve made public the orientation video for the journal. So go ahead and watch that here before you order to get the full run-down. 

Then, you can head over to the store and grab the new copy of the journal! (or just use the widget on this page) I can’t wait to see how you all use these journals leading up to, and into the new year! 

Good luck - and let me know how you like using them! 

- Nick