Ever since the very first JJ Johnson record I ever listened to JJ! In Person) - I’ve been fascinated by this tune by Thelonious Monk. It’s simplicity is surprisingly challenging, and the interplay of the constant eighth notes requires you to really focus on accuracy. 


Nat Adderley and JJ both take amazing solos on that recording of Misterioso, and they have definitely stuck with me through the years. 


In this version, I decided to take advantage of the lack of chordal instrument, and use the chromatic counterpoint between the voices to change keys many times throughout the arrangement. If you listen closely, I’m sure you’ll figure out where we go!


Bassist Dave Baron and I have been sharing the bandstand since our time at the Eastman School of Music, and we both studied at The Juilliard School during the same time. And of course, Dave has played on all of my  albums so far, and numerous other projects… You can check Dave out at www.davebaronmusic.com! He also has a fantastic album that came out in October 2015, “Introducing Dave Baron”.


I hope you enjoy, and please share!


- Nick