First, I need to apologize, first day recording with a new camera lens! In this video me (and my horn) are only about 50% visible in the frame! I’ve got it sorted out now, but this new lens has a little less flexibility in zooming in/out. It’s a learning experience for all of us 😃! Regardless, I think the music came off without a hitch, and you’ll still enjoy!

Today’s tune is a favorite Curtis Fuller composition of mine that I’ve performed a number of times when presenting a program of all trombonist composers with my quartet. In this video, I perform it with a great bassist: Leon Boykins. Leon was kind of enough to play music on literally the hottest day of the summer! 

I was inspired to pull this tune back out after hearing it on David Gibson’s latest release on Positone Records - “Inner Agent.” His group performs a really cool arrangement of Curtis Fuller’s original which appears on his album “Boss of the Soul Stream Trombone” (a KILLER record, one of my favorites. Check out his epic solo on If I Were a Bell, and his version of But Beautiful, oh and another great tune on there Flutie!)

Since you can’t see it, I should say, I’m using a bucket mute on the trombone throughout!

Until next time, please enjoy, “The Court”