Greetings All! 

I'm very excited this morning to announce the official launch of my brand new book: 

GET AHEAD! A Practical Guide for the Developing Jazz Trombonist

This book has been a project of mine for the last 18 months or so, since I finished up my time at the Juilliard School and began reflecting on what I learned there as a student. I realized that there were so many simple things that could have set me on my path much earlier on. Simple ideas, thoughts, and exercises to help guide me to where I want to be as a musician. So, I wrote this book in the hopes that it will be able to inform future generations of trombonists and inspire them to work hard to achieve their goals - one day at a time.

In short, this book is full of all of the stuff I wish I had practiced BEFORE I went to music school! Any student looking to go down this path is highly encouraged to check this book out.

This book is intended for any trombonist who wants to get more in depth about playing the trombone and jazz. Although the exercises are intended (and scored) for trombone, the ideas and exercises are applicable to instrumentalists of any kind.

What's inside:

  • Sound Development Exercises
  • Flexibility/Articulation/High Range Studies
  • Transcriptions
  • Tune Learning Skills
  • Ear Training Exercises
  • Basic Jazz Piano Skills
  • Jazz Vocabulary Studies

You can check out the front and back cover right here:

Front Cover of GET AHEAD! A Practical Guide for the Developing Jazz Trombonist 

Back cover of GET AHEAD!

You can order the book today in my online store

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via if you prefer

** note - the amazon page at the time of this posting currently shows the book unavailable, it is updating in their system and should appear in stock shortly! Order now in my store to avoid delays!

I hope you can check it out soon - I'm excited to share this book with everyone! I would be remiss if I didn't thank all of the people who have helped to mentor me thus far, and provide the inspiration to make this book into a reality! Steve Turre, Michael Davis, Rodney Jones, Carl Allen, Mark Kellogg, James Burton, Steve Davis, Curtis Fuller, and many more - THANK YOU!

I'm en route to the Eastern Trombone Workshop this morning, and will have the first printed copies with me to share with all of you in attendance! Be sure to check out my recital Saturday March 22nd at 1130AM if you're around Fort Myer (outside Washington DC)!

Take care, and thanks for your continued support!


GET AHEAD! is published by Outside in Music: