Man, 2013 went quick! Can't believe that it's already 2014. Rather than ruminate about and celebrate the many things I'm proud of in 2013, I think that it's time to look ahead and share some of the upcoming projects that I am excited about this year!

Starting with: this Friday (January 10th) I will be performing the music of the amazing Gil Evans with Ryan Truesdell's Gil Evans project at Subculture here in NYC. Featuring the always swingin' Mr. Lewis Nash. 

Ongoing is the monthly gig with one of my favorite saxophonists, Lucas Pino and his Nonet at Smalls. Upcoming dates: 1.14 and 3.11!

In March I am super excited to get back to Washington DC for the 2014 edition of the Eastern Trombone Workshop! I'll be there 3.21 & 22! There will be a performance on the 21st with the us army blues, with Marshall Gilkes; and my performance on the 22nd. 

Another ongoing project is my video blog on the great musicians website, You can find them there, and on my YouTube channel. 9 entries in so far, and we'll see where they lead me in the next few months!

I've decided to start a new project this year to challenge myself musically. I will be creating some solo trombone videos (one per month) celebrating some of my favorite jazz composers. Stay tuned to my YouTube channel for those! (Putting out here will help me to keep to my promises, I hope!)

After two years, I will finally be finishing up my first book in the next month or so, featuring exercises and ideas for the young developing jazz trombonists out there! Additionally, I will be expanding the offerings in my online store to feature arrangements for big band and small groups - with additional support resources to help your students perform at an even higher level!

Thank you all again for your unbelievable support. 2013 was great, and can't wait for what is in store this year. Best wishes for an amazing 2014!!

 - Nick