What a whirlwind three day trip to Miami! And it was a great few days. A great hit at the Van Dyke Cafe thanks to the musicians who put in the time to learn my music! THANK YOU Mike Piolet, Alex Weitz, Nick Hetko and Gary Thomas. 

Had a GREAT time working with some VERY talented students at three Miami area high schools: New World School of the Arts, South Dade High School, and closed out the trip at Michael Krop High School. Thanks to all involved in bringing me in to work with the students, I had a blast and I think the students learned a few things, too!

We closed out the three day run with a great performance at Avenue D Jazz. Always fun to have an opportunity to play my music with new musicians, and especially to be able to hear the music evolve through multiple performances. 

Hope to be back to Miami and to perform soon! I'll be back in South Florida for two weeks in June to teach at the Juilliard Jazz Workshop at Oxbridge Academy in West Palm Beach. 

Next stop for the band with the music from Exposition: Sunday, June 2nd at Twins Jazz in Washington DC. See you there!

 - Nick