Hi Everyone!

I'm headed to Rochester, NY this weekend for a weekend of events with The Institute for Creative Music! IfCM is a non-profit entity I formed with drummer Chris Teal last summer. Check out www.ifcmusic.org for more information, and for the full calendar of this weekend's events!

March is shaping up to be a busy month! Next week I'm off to Utah with Juilliard for a few days of concerts and workshops at Snow College, continuing on to Ivans, and finishing in Las Vegas. Looking forward to seeing some of the students from this past summer and last years JJO tour!

March 31st I will be back in Rochester to play a concert with Al Chez and the Brothers of Funk!

In other news, last weekend I recorded a new record with Joe McDonough, Chris Ziemba, Dave Baron, and Jimmy Macbride! Transcriptions and tunes in the spirit of the great two trombone quintets of JJ Johnson and Kai Winding. Stay tuned for that!

Lastly I just wanted to mention the new link to my opine store at the bottom of the site, check back there for new charts, CDs and other things coming soon!

Hope to see you all soon!