Say When! DynamicDuos 041 Featuring Yonatan Voltzok

Say When! DynamicDuos 041 Featuring Yonatan Voltzok

Yonatan is an amazing trombonist that lived in NY for many years before making a return to his home in Tel Aviv, Israel! We actually first met back in 2015 when I had the chance to play over there with Eyal Vilner and his big band - and he happened to be in NY and have a free day so we could record something! I’ve been making a habit of featuring this JJ Johnson composition every time I have the chance to perform as a guest soloist alongside a big band - most recently this spring at Glendale Community College. I always enjoy getting to play music with Yonatan, even if it’s so infrequently! I hope this is as fun for you, as it was for us to record it!

Dynamic Duos 040 | Leon Boykins - Mood Indigo

Dynamic Duos 040 | Leon Boykins - Mood Indigo

Today's video spent a little time locked in the vault, but it's time to share! This is one of my absolute favorite Duke Ellington compositions, and always included when I share jazz with young people! Here's Duke's "Mood Indigo" featuring the fine bass stylings of the one and only Mr Leon Boykins!

Have a great week - cya back here same time next week! 

What do I take on tour?

New vlog from the last time I was heading out on the road with a band to play at many of the Canadian (and also Rochester) jazz festivals... enjoy! 

Digging in to Bb Major 7 on Trombone | Trombone Tips 014

Digging in to Bb Major 7 on Trombone | Trombone Tips 014

Today we're talking about playing chords on trombone. Have you ever tried to really dig in to chords/arpeggios on trombone? They are ESSENTIAL for understanding jazz theory, and having a comfort level with them is essential for being fluent in your soloing!

Roxy Coss - Confirmation | DynamicDuos 039

Roxy Coss - Confirmation | DynamicDuos 039

Today we are featuring the great tenor saxophone stylings (and one of my good frends here in NYC!) Roxy Coss! We're playing a classic Charlie Parker composition, Confirmation. This was our attempt to create something from nothing, and end up at Confirmation :) 

If you haven't already, make sure to check out Roxy's new album Chasing the Unicorn, from Positone Records!

and check out Roxy online:

Hope you enjoy! See you next week!

Can you play your Major Scales Vertically? | TromboneTips 013

Can you play your Major Scales Vertically? | TromboneTips 013

Today, we are exploring how to play your Major Scales in a vertical fashion. So what does that mean? Watch the video to find out! :) - Did I mention this was recorded on tour while performing at the Winnipeg Jazz Festival? Fun times!

Are you bored of your "regular" major scales? this exercise will allow you to find more things to practice based on the tried and true major scale!

Happy practicing, and we'll see you back here, next week!


Dynamic Duos 038 - I Will Wait for You featuring Rubin Kodheli

Dynamic Duos 038 - I Will Wait for You featuring Rubin Kodheli

Today we're navigating slightly away from the usual, and featuring an amazing instrumentalist that plays an instrument not always associated with jazz - Cello. 


I first met Rubin when we started playing in a new band with the amazing clarinetist and composer Anat Cohen last year. We had the chance to play at the 2016 Newport Jazz Festival, and record an album that will be coming out sometime in late 2017! 


Here we're playing one of my favorite ballads - and it also happens to be by the great film composer Michel Legrand. "I Will Wait for You"


Hope you enjoy! Be sure to check out what Rubin is up to, he's doing a lot of creating and exciting stuff!

Rightside Up (Blues for S.T.) - Featuring Joe McDonough

Rightside Up (Blues for S.T.) - Featuring Joe McDonough

Want to grab a PDF copy for yourself? 

Whats stopping you from starting?

Hey guys - today I'm chatting a bit about some questions about the course - Get Ahead! A Practical Course for the Developing Jazz Trombonist.

Can I really learn jazz online?

How can we interact?

Don't you have to be in person to really learn anything?

I've never really heard of anyone doing this before...

 start the course today!


So - maybe you're thinking you're interested in the course, but kind of on the fence... well, I wanted to take a chance to answer some questions about it so we can get started before it's too late!


1 - It's not in real time / no interaction

I think that this is an ADVANTAGE - since it's not in real time, you as the student can have time to process, to think, to absorb and then move on to the next lesson on your own timeframe. And there is TOTALLY going to be interaction! You get 5 coaching sessions included with the course. You'll send me a video of your questions, and of you playing some of the course materials, and I'll get back to you with some video feedback of me talking and playing directly answering and responding! It's totally flexible to both of our schedules, and allows us to really make the most of your time working on the material in this course, and take advantage of the technology that's available to us here in 2017!



2 - It's kind of expensive / what's the return on this investment?

The return is going to be directly correlated with the effort that you put into the course. If you dive in headfirst and go for it - you'll get a LOT of long lasting returns. Music is a marathon not a sprint. This course is jam packed with value! Yes, $99 might seem like a lot to throw down on a non-tangible online course, but check it out, you're going to get:


5 Coaching sessions ($100 in Value)

Digital copy of Get Ahead ($12 in Value)

Digital Copy of the Practice Journal ($10 in Value)

4.5 hours of video content ($450 in value for that amount of time in person)


And with those things alone you'll be getting $550 worth of value for only $99.



3 - Can you really learn music from an online course?

YES! Can you learn to play jazz from listening to recordings? Do you need to TALK to John Coltrane or Miles Davis to learn about their music? I think you know the answer to that. Music is about sharing ideas, and exchanging thoughts, sharing our opinions. This course is just that, I'm sharing my approach to playing jazz on the trombone, and it just happens to be packaged all together here - very conveniently I might add! You could scour the internet for free stuff about jazz and trombone, but I think the time saved by investing in a trusted source (whether it's this course, or another) is well worth it! There are hundreds of thousands of people from all over the world using online courses to learn new skills, and better their passions. The music industry is just lagging behind a bit...



4 - I've never heard of anyone really doing this before...

Well, sure. Online courses in music and jazz are certainly more on the new side. But that doesn't mean it's not an effective learning tool! There is seven chapters worth of exercises that workout not only your trombone skills, but get you thinking about what it means to play music in the 21st century. There are countless courses out there that will teach you any number of skills, and playing music is no different. I promise you'll get well over the cover price of this course in value when you sign up




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I post weekly videos here on YouTube that feature my original projects! Sometimes it’s a band video, a solo trombone piece, educational tips about jazz and playing trombone, they come out each Wednesday! If you don’t know me, I’m a jazz trombone player, educator, and producer based in New York City. I’ve had some great teachers like Wycliffe Gordon and Steve Turre, and studied at both the Eastman School of Music and the Juilliard School.  I’m always up to something new so make sure to stay connected if you want to see what’s happening in the jazz world here in NYC!

Roxy Coss - You're There | Dynamic Duos Ep. 35

Roxy Coss - You're There | Dynamic Duos Ep. 35

From Roxy Coss' latest album out now on Positone Records "Chasing the Unicorn" - here's a version of one of her tunes - "You're There"

I've always enjoyed getting the chance to play with Roxy, and this was certainly no different! This was a real fun one! 

Check out Roxy here:

Chasing The Unicorn
By Roxy Coss

6 mistakes people make when taking online music courses - YouTube

Common Mistakes when Taking an Online Music Course


1 - trying to go too fast

It's tempting to blow through the material trying to gather it all into one day, and be done! But no! That is certainly not the best way to absorb information. It's about consistency over time. Take your time and work through the course material in the sequence intended by the instructor.


2 - thinking once through is enough

There's no way you will get ALL of the value from a course by just going through it once. Again, it's consistency over TIME. Meaning, it's going to take several iterations and weeks of time to really absorb all of the information. Take advantage of the fact that you've invested in yourself, and go through the course to find the few nuggets that you may have missed the first time around.


3 - not actually doing the assignments as instructed by the course

So, yea, guilty right here! Sometimes you think, oh yea, I know that - skip ahead to the next thing! But it is ALWAYS good to hear an old concept explained in a new way. It will either reinforce what you already do indeed know, or it will connect in a new way and create a deeper and more nuanced understanding of the topic. Really, you should do all the assignments, I mean, really! 😃 They're in there to help you grow to you fullest potential!


4 - Not taking advantage of the fact that the instructor does indeed want to hear from you! 

Not every course does this, but my course "Get Ahead", even includes 5 video coaching sessions to help you get better super fast! And regardless, EVERYONE loves to hear from their students. We want to know how it's going, we want to know how we can help, we want to know if something was confusing or unclear! Chances are if you have a question about something, you aren't the only one! There are probably others thinking the same thing.... So PLEASE take a moment and reach out to the instructors of your course. Not only will you start a great relationship with them, but you'll get your questions answered and help out others in the community 😃



5 - Not learning how to practice

This is a big problem that I've encountered. Sometimes we don't exactly realize how  practice. We might know what we need to know, but it is in the execution phase where things go wrong. You can check out the chapter in "Get Ahead" about practicing, and working with a practice journal to get some more concrete ideas about what has worked for me in the past. But the general ideas is this: you need a system. Just like any skill you must break it down into it's component parts, and build it back up again. If you haven't learned how to practice - it doesn't matter what you're practicing - you won't get the true value from it! So get to it! 


6 - Not being open minded / thinking you've already done this thing and skipping ahead.

Maybe this course was required for you by an instructor, or suggested by a friend, or maybe you're just curious. I think some of my biggest breakthroughs have come from situations where I had to consciously decide to be open minded to what a certain musician might have to say. And again, I'm guilty of assuming I know something, or can do something (and you know what they say about assuming...) and trying to skip ahead to get done as fast as possible! But music is not a game of speed. Improving in music is about consistency over time, it's not a sprint - it's a marathon! So take your time, and go through diligently as if you spent WAY more money than you did on the course. If you were spending $40,000 on a degree you'd probably be paying attention, so why not apply that on a micro scale?


The launch period for my new course "Get Ahead" is almost closed - if you want to take advantage of some of these great bonuses I hope you'll jump on board before it's too late! 


- 5 video feedback sessions (a $100 value)

- Premium Pricing (save $30 off the normal price)

- The first 10 people to sign up will receive a hard copy of the practice journal in the mail!


Preview some of the course material here.


Hope to see you soon!




6 reasons you should be taking online courses! Vlog S.2 Ep. 2

6 Reasons you should be learning Music with Online Courses


Across so many industries online learning has taken hold in a real way, and is proving to be a highly effective tool! After taking several online courses myself, I was thinking about several ways that musicians could take advantage of these online learning opportunities! 


1 - Learn at your own pace

You can take your time through each lesson, making sure you get the point of each session. Repeat things at will, pause and interact with the video sessions, and have the time you need to process the information being presented. There are no time constraints! 


2 - it's like having a private instructor all the time!

These sessions allow you to visit a private instructor any time you like, getting inside information directly from folks who are making their lives in music!


3 - As an aspiring professional it's important to learn from as many teachers as possible. 

I think it's really important to learn from a wide variety of teachers. Everyone has their own way of thinking about things, and a unique way of explaining things as well. Sometime what you need is to hear the same information presented to you in a different way - I know that has been so helpful to me throughout my career! With an online course you can get those opinions without having to track down the teacher in person!


4 - It's a great value.

It would cost so much more to get all these lessons from a week to week teacher! If an hour lesson from a top professional is usually $100, a $99 course for five hours of video content is a STEAL! Not to mention that you can repeat those lessons time and time again, and the supplemental materials that come along with the course. 


5 - Lifetime Access

You know how you always wished you had an archive of all the lessons you took with your private instructor? Here's a great way to have the ability to check back in at any point, and see if you want to revisit any of the material you worked on before. And even more amazing - if the instructor decides that they want to add more content to the course? Bam! More lessons for you! The sooner you sign up the bigger the life long value you'll be getting from the course. 


6 - Location Independence

The hardest thing about getting lessons with musicians is scheduling. Do you have to travel to them? Are they on the road? It can be a real task trying to just line up a mutually workable time. Not to mention what If you live half way across the world from that teacher? With online courses you can be anywhere in the world and learn from the best in the business, whenever you want. 


In the case of my course "Get Ahead" it even comes with 5 complimentary video coaching sessions to get direct feedback about your playing! This is only available during the course launch period which is open now until June 19th, so make sure that you get on board to make summer 2017 your most effective yet! 


Can't wait to hear what you all are up to - 👍




I can't wait to get started! THANK YOU for Enrolling in GET AHEAD!

I can't wait to get started! THANK YOU for Enrolling in GET AHEAD!

Thank you for purchasing GET AHEAD! A Practical Course for the Developing Jazz Trombonist. I know you'll get years of value out of this!

Now that you've signed up, lets get to work! 

Playing Bebop Enclosures Part 1 - Trombone Tips Episode #13

Playing Bebop Enclosures Part 1 - Trombone Tips Episode #13

Hi all! This week I'm answering a common question that comes up with working with students while I'm on the road. What is that you ask? Well, playing the bebop language. Aside from listening, the most important thing that we can do is get some idiomatic language into out muscle memory. This is part one of hopefully many more to come! Trombonists: Make sure you're thinking about alternate positions! I would recommend just learning this by ear, but if you're dying to get a PDF of this exercise you can download it here:

See ya next week - 


Dynamic Duos Episode 34 featuring Martin Diller! "Softly, as in a Morning Sunrise"

Dynamic Duos Episode 34 featuring Martin Diller! "Softly, as in a Morning Sunrise"

Today we have the first of what I hope to be many duets featuring some of my friends that happen to be drummers!

When I went out to the West Coast at the beginning of April 2017, this man was the orchestrator of that trip! Martin Diller is an LA based drummer who I met while on tour with Postmodern Jukebox last summer, and then again this past January.

Here's a quick version of the old standard "Softly as in a Morning Sunrise"

Hope you enjoy! And we'll see you next week!


a quick trombone warmup and two playalongs!

a quick trombone warmup and two playalongs!

Today we have something a bit different to share! Instead of me talking at you, this time we can interact, and play together! I'm releasing three videos at once here (I know, crazy) - One with the exercise explanation and playalong with me, and then two tracks that you can play along with to do your own one minute longtone/flexibility warmup.

Make sure to watch the explanation first, and then go ahead and playalong with either part of the exercise with these playalong tracks!

If you're enjoying using these, please share with a friend 😃

This Can't Be Love ft. Clovis Nicolas | Dynamic Duos Ep. 33

This Can't Be Love ft. Clovis Nicolas | Dynamic Duos Ep. 33

I was glad to feature the great French bassist Clovis Nicolas this week! Here we are playing a great “This Can’t Be Love.” The arrangement is borrowed from a great recording of this tune by Cannonball and Nat Adderley, on the record “Great Love Songs"

Check out Clovis’ projects here:

Please enjoy and share “This Can’t be Love”! 

See you next week - 


How to play in the upper register, part 2

How to play in the upper register, part 2

In addition to trying to take the musical approach to building our upper register (as we talked about in the first part of this upper register series: watch it here if you haven’t seen it yet) there are certainly some exercises that we can do to complement that approach.

These exercises should be treated as such, and exercise. A tool to help build up something we are trying to improve. Please remember to be mindful of taking breaks when practicing upper register exercises. It’s very easy to overdue it! As much as you can, think about singing through the upper register, and that it’s just an extension of the stronger parts of your range!

Happy Practicing -